Copeland Workplace Law delivers legally sound solutions, promptly, and at reasonable cost. We are able to do this because the person you brief:

  • has extensive, high level workplace law experience as well as practical, operational business experience;
  • is the person who does your work;
  • gains an intimate knowledge of your situation;
  • is easy to do business with and uses plain English;
  • gives an honest indication of the extent of the services you require;
  • delivers a consistent level of service; and
  • is available, flexible, responsive and dedicated to your issues.
Copeland Workplace Law is structured so that you get:
  • minimised risk, through practical, timely, accurate advice;
  • cost certainty through hourly rates or a fixed quote to suit individual client requirements; and
  • value for money, through lean, efficient operations. You will know and agree up front to what will be delivered, when and at what cost.